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Emotional Emoticons 21

Sun Dec 30, 2012, 8:14 AM

Well, it's back. On a Sunday, no less. Are you surprised? That's what the search term was. Surprise.

Week 28 Surprise Party by Shadowed-Serenity Week 28 Surprise Party by Shadowed-Serenity is very cute, and well done for a static emote.

Surprise? by Kath602 Surprise? by Kath602 is probably not what you'd want to see while swimming or diving, but that makes it all the better for it not happening to you. :giggle:

Peeny's Birthday Party by stuck-in-suburbia Peeny's Birthday Party by stuck-in-suburbia is very neat. See how many emote OCs you can recognize!

Genius by Astral-Dragon Genius by Astral-Dragon is funny because who expects a little kid to know Einstein's Theory of Relativity?

Surprise by UnicornRealitySurprise by UnicornReality because why make sense all the time? Muffins.

Eye Popping by demonicintuition Eye Popping by demonicintuition is a great test of making things bigger. I love the shading, too.

A surprise probing by wenstrom A surprise probing by wenstrom was originally made for a contest that jark was holding for an analprobe emoticon. Did it win? :analprobe:

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After a long hiatus, Emotional Emoticons is BACK.
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Nice features. :la:
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